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Boosting e-business effectiveness

We provide three essential ingredients to e-business success:

  1. Awareness: helping your teams adopt a vision to share, bright spots to emulate, and anti-patterns to avoid
  2. Transformation:  aligning business practices, technology, and people 
  3. Delivery:  building and operating e-business sites and applications accessible by PCs, tablets, and smartphones

The route to awareness may involve team workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and pioneer projects.  Jatlin's role is to introduce ideas, start discussions, and facilitate setting concrete objectives.   The outcome of awareness is a strategy a  for e-business effectiveness grounded in the people and culture of the enterprise.

Transformation is about taking strategy into day-to-day practice.  Here Jatlin can help with industry-proven tools, organisational structures, and workflows.  The outcome of transformation is a high performance operation responsive to changing market conditions.  

Delivery is where strategy … see more >